Airplane! (1980) Movie Review

Airplane (1980) - Movie Review - Quick Movie Reviews by Haris

Interesting story time for this one.

I saw a DVD of this movie for rent at a library and I really liked the cover, wasn’t tempted to take it home and watch it, though, so, almost two decades later, I decided to finally watch it, and, I loved it!

A parody of disaster movies relies heavily on ridiculous visual gags, cringe-inducing dialogue, and dry acting, a style of comedy that’s still unsuccessfully imitated to this day.

Airplane! is making fun of all sorts of clichés as alcoholic pilot Ted Striker, who’s developed a fear of flying due to trauma during the war, boards a jumbo jet in an attempt to win back his girlfriend Elaine Dickinson who is also a stewardess on the plane. Eventually most of the passengers crew are affected by food poisoning which leads to Ted Striker being the only one capable to land the plane, with the help of air traffic controller Steve McCroskey and Striker’s former wartime captain Rex Kramer. Along the way passengers are panicking in the most hilarious ways possible.

When it comes to entertainment, this is a 10/10*. Every time I watch it, I say to myself, I can’t wait to watch it again as soon as possible!