Baby’s Day Out (1994) Movie Review

Baby's Day Out (1994) - Movie Review - Quick Movie Reviews by Haris

Rewatching this movie, it made me feel very happy, very nostalgic. I even remembered the opening title music before I even pressed PLAY on the remote. That’s how many times I have watched this movie when I was a kid.

Baby Bink couldn’t ask for a better life. He has loving parents, lives in a huge mansion, and he’s just about to have his photo taken for a newspaper. His parents hire a professional baby photo company, but, on the way to the house, the company’s truck get hijacked by three criminals who pretend to be photographers from the newspaper. They successfully kidnap him, but, they have a really hard time keeping hold of the him. He’s not only one step ahead but he also seems to be more than a little bit smarter than the three idiotic criminals. The three kidnappers in this movie are Eddie, Norby and Veeko. Other characters are Laraine Cotwell and Bennington Cotwell as baby Bink’s parents and Gilbertine as baby Bink’s nanny.

John Hughes as a writer? The writer of Home Alone & Ferris Bueller’s day off, The breakfast club and Planes, trains and automobiles, just to name a few. No wonder I love this movie so much. The flaws with this movie are obvious. The acting is bad and some of the jokes aren’t as funny as much as they wanted them to be, I think, and, every time it cuts back to the kid’s parents and nanny, the movie gets to a screeching halt. I know they have to do it for the sake of the plot, but, still, didn’t find it interesting whatsoever. I just wanted constant screen-time for the criminals and the baby. And thankfully, about 85% of this movie is the four of them on screen together. Let’s talk about that baby, though. Probably one of the cutest movie babies of all time. And he also gives the second most entertaining performance in this movie, just behind Joe Mantegna.

This is a really great kids movie that even adults and young adults like me can find enjoyment in this movie, but, because of those flaws that I mentioned, I can’t give it more than 6/10*.