Bad boys for life (2020)

Bad Boys for Life (2020) Movie Review - Quick Movie Reviews by Haris

Now this is a well-filmed action movie that needs to be seen by as many people as possible. I think even the most hard-to-impress filmgoers will find enjoyment in this movie. The action is shot extremly beautifully, a rare thing to see in modern action movies. As I said in my review for The gentlemen, modern action movies have so much quick cuts and shaky cam. The villians in this movie are written very well, which another thing rarely found in modern action movies. The comedy had me laughing out loud 🤣

Will Smith is watchable as always, but Martin Lawrence is by far the funniest in the movie. I watched Bad boys 1 and Bad boys 2 before I saw this one. This one is far better than the first two.

Go see this movie as soon as you possibly can. Go see it while the auditoriums are still more than 50% full. If not, this is a perfect movie to see on a weekend or during a hot summer night or if you’re having a small to medium-sized party at your house. This movie really surprised me, didn’t expect to see something this good. In regards to issues with this movie, there isn’t any. Now, of course, this isn’t anything oscar-worthy, but I’m still giving this movie my highest grade so far 😀

Entertainment: 10/10*

Overall: 8/10*