Casino Royale (2006) Movie Review

Casino Royale (2006) Movie Review - Quick Movie Reviews by Haris

This is one of my favorite action movies ever. This movie kicks off with a thrilling rooftop/construction site chase scene. If you look it up on YouTube, this scene actually lasts ten minutes. And it goes by very fast. One of the best action scenes ever filmed. In fact, in this movie, every action scene is so good that I can easily see it as a final action scene in another movie. It’s that good. But enough about the action. The acting is great. And Daniel Craig should have gotten an Oscar nomination for that famous torture scene, which, I’m guessing everyone has seen by now. Such a great scene, very intense and also surprisingly funny. Also, Le Chifre is such a good villain. I dare say that he is the best James Bond villain. He actually isn’t a villain. He’s just a guy who owes money who is even worse than him. So, in this movie, I kind of wanted things to work out for him in the end because he was so sympathetic.

This movie is for sure going to be considered as one of the classics. Not just as James Bond movie but in general. This movie gets a 10/10* for me. IT IS that good!