Diamonds are forever (1971) Movie Review

Diamonds Are Forever (1971) Movie Review - Quick Movie Reviews by Haris

Sean Connery finally returns as James Bond. But does this make the movie any good? Well, in terms of entertaining car chases, fight scenes, funny dialogue that the series has been known for so far, then, yes, very good. Sean Connery is also the best part of the movie, as always. If you’re looking just for those things, you will for sure love this movie. Me, however, I really didn’t like.

The plot is very unoriginal and the villain is very poorly written. How many times have we seen a power-hungry villain who sits in his secret lair in his evil chair while evilly laughing while continuously stroking his cat? How many times did the villain want to take over/destroy the world or recover some diamonds? It’s overused and it’s never been my favorite plot… For the first time in a long time I will be giving two grades to a movie:

Entertainment (fight scenes, car chases, humor, Sean Connery’s presence): 8,5/10*

Plot/villain: 5,5/10*