Dolittle (2020) Movie Review

Dolittle (2020) Movie Review - Quick Movie Reviews by Haris

This is a terrible movie in just about every single way… It fails as a comedy, it fails as an adventure movie, it fails as an action movie… The only thing I can give this movie praise for is the CGI animals and the voices behind the animals. Robert Downey Jr.’s performance here… WTF!? I love the guy, but this was just bad. And thank god for subtitles because I barely understood what he was saying.

I wanted to like this movie, but, I just couldn’t. Even wanted to walk out but I managed to convince myself to sit down because I said to myself I need to post movie reviews for you guys no matter how bad they are… Damn it 😃

I know this movie is aimed at kids, but they deserve a lot better than this. Young children, like, under 5 years old will react like yaaaay, but if you put a bright light in front of a kid, they’re gonna be like: Ooooh, bright light… oh, now I’m bored… So, who knows, maybe even little kids will be bored by this movie 🤣

This movie gets the same rating as The grudge: 4/10*

Would have given it 2/10* but you can at least enjoy the CGI animals and the voice work for them.

Honestly, go watch Eddie Murphy’s Dolittle movies. They’re far more entertaining 😃