Dr. No (1962) Movie Review

Dr. No (1962) Movie Review - Quick Movie Reviews by Haris

Featuring plenty of the humor, action, and car chase the series would become known for, Dr. No kicks off the Bond franchise pretty well. Sean Connery is a great casting choice. The acting in these early movies is actually pretty good for the most part and there is surprisingly a lot of entertaining fight scenes and the action is directed pretty well, unlike most of the modern action movies.

All the girls James Bond dates are very attractive in these early movies, even more attractive than in the modern James Bond movies, so, there’s another praise. Where the movies fail for me are the over-the-top power-hungry villians and the hilariously stupid plots/missions James Bond has to do, but, I get it, the movies were meant to be silly back then. This movie also gave me nightmares!

The scene with a tarantula crawling in James Bond’s bed while he sleeps… That was way too long for comfort… I could talk about the terrible special effects, but, I’m not going to. I’m sure they were pretty advanced for their time.

I’m gonna give this movie 7/10*

Look forward to tomorrow’s James Bond movie review titled From Russia with love (1963), it’s going to be a fun one