For Your Eyes Only (1981) Movie Review

For Your Eyes Only (1981) Movie Review - Quick Movie Reviews by Haris

The studio probably thought: ”You know what this franchise needs? A whole lot of fun. Let’s embrace the silliness to the fullest.”

This movie has everything that I ever wanted out of these early James Bond movies. I love so many things in this movie. This movie goes all in on the action and comedy. It combines all the best parts of the last two movies and just makes them look even crazier! Right in the very beginning of this movie, before the opening credits even start we see a long and intense action scene where the villain of 1969’s On her majesty’s secret service is remotely controlling James Bond’s helicopter, flying low over an industrial area. The villain dies in the most hilarious way in this scene. That sets you up for what kind of movie you’re going to be seeing here 🙂

Later in the movie a very long chase scene in the Swiss Alps happens and it’s at least ten minutes long. It sees James Bond skiing down a hill trying to escape from bad guys who are chasing him on off road motorcycles, shooting at him. This chase also briefly takes them through a bobsled track and they chase behind a freaked out bobsled team… If you think I’m making this up, I’m not… I’m telling you, this movie has it all 🤣

The climax of this movie wasn’t as action-packed as I wanted it to be, but damn was it intense. Gave me anxiety. I was on the edge of my chair the entire time, gripping the handles tight. Yeah, James Bond has to go to this fortress on top of this huge cliff and climbs it for almost ten minutes, all the while the rope keeps tearing up and you think he’s going to fall of this mile high cliff. If you’re scared of heights, don’t watch this movie, it’s going to mess with you hardcore 😥

In this madness that is this movie, I have completely forgot to tell you about the plot of this movie. I doesn’t really matter, but, here it is. It’s again a very basic many-times-before-seen action story. James Bond is sent to Greece and Albania to find a missing British submarine that’s carrying a weapons encryption device called ATAC and prevent the villain from taking it. The design for this device is hilarious. It looks like a combination of a cash register and a typewriter 😀

I will for sure find myself re-watching these last two James Bond movies over and over again! In terms of pure enjoyment, I’m giving this movie a 10/10*, but plot-wise I’m giving it the same grade as Moonraker, so, 5/10*