Jaws (1975) Movie Review

Jaws (1975) Movie Review - Quick Movie Reviews by Haris

I watched this movie for the first time ever yesterday and I’m just gonna say this… Don’t watch any other shark-themed movies after this movie. If you want to see a truly great shark movie quality-wise, this is the only movie to see. There has never been a better shark movie since then and I dare say there never will be. Sure, there have been some entertaining movies, but, they never concerned themselves with quality. Everything is great about this movie. The instantly recognisable simple and bone-chilling theme song, the fleshing out of the three main characters of this movie (Roy Scheider’s character Brody, Robert Shaw’s character Quint and Richard Dreyfuss’ character Hooper – all three of them are great in this movie). When shit goes down in the last 30-40 minutes of this movie, you’re left gripping the edge of your seat because you care for their survival. This movie is also very gory. You see various images of sharks and the aftermaths of shark attacks, disembodied limbs, tons of human, shark and fish blood. The movie is very tense as well. It’s 62 minutes into this movie that you first see the shark. You never see the shark before this point. Up until that point the attacks have been shown from the point of view of the shark and there are three shark attacks where the camera is above sea level, just focusing on the people panicking on the surface while the shark is attacking them underwater. Spielberg, congratulations, this is another great movie.