Licence to Kill (1989) Movie Review

Licence to Kill (1989) Movie Review - Quick Movie Reviews by Haris

Somehow, this is even darker than the last movie. This is a well-acted, intense, violent action thriller with some usual great car chases and fight scenes.

In this movie James Bond’s mission is much more personal than in the other movies. When his American friend/fellow agent and reoccurring character in these movies Felix Leiter is seriously injured by drug dealer Franz Sanchez’s pet sharks and his wife murdered off-screen by Benicio Del Toro’s henchman Dario shortly after their wedding, James Bond goes on a personal revenge mission. There is very little time for the usual James Bond silliness in this movie. This is a very action heavy movie with death defying stunts. A highway chase scene involving an oil tanker and a helicopter is the highlight of this movie and also Benicio Del Toro’s menacing performance in one of his first ever movies.

I like this movie a lot and I’m giving it 8/10*