Live and let die (1973) Movie Review

Live and let die (1973) Movie Review - Quick Movie Reviews by Haris

The first of seven of Roger Moore’s James Bond movies. Is he as good as Sean Connery? Well, hard to say. In terms of acting ability, they’re about the same. When it comes to the gentleman side of James Bond, I’d say Roger Moore has a slight advantage, but when it comes to fight scenes, Sean Connery’s fight scenes are much more convincing and entertaining. But enough of the Sean Connery vs Roger Moore comparisons, let’s look at the plot/mission in this movie.

James Bond is sent to U.S.A. to stop the activities of Mr. Big, who plans to take over the West by converting everyone into heroin addicts. The plot doesn’t seem that original or interesting, but what elevates this movie is the performance by the villain Kananga a.k.a. Mr. Big played by Yaphet Kotto. I found him interesting. Very menacing and hard for James Bond to overcome. Also this movie has a extremely entertaining and long motorboat chase on the river. Now this is where one of the most annoying characters ever gets introduced. Clifton James’ Sheriff J.W. Pepper… And the worst part is he also appears in the next movie… Damn it… 😩

One more positive thing about this movie is the music. The song Live and let die written and performed by Paul McCartney of The Beatles… I’ve found myself listening to it so many times after watching this movie.

I’m going to give this movie 7/10*

WARNING! If your scared of snakes, do not watch this movie. Even I found it unnerving and I’m not scared of snakes.