Ordinary Love (2019) Movie Review

Ordinary Love (2019) Movie Review - Quick Movie Reviews by Haris

This is a romantic drama starring Academy award nominees Liam Neeson in Lesley Manville who in this movie play a middle-aged married couple Tom & Joan who are married for a number of years, but their everyday life is suddenly rocked by the news that Joan has breast cancer. The process of the treatment bonds them together even more as they try to cope with the diagnosis and face different challenges which at some point troubles their marriage, but only briefly. This is a very well acted movie and Lesley Manville deserves at least an oscar nomination here. What a performance! Liam Neeson is also great in the movie. It was kind of weird seeing him in a movie where doesn’t punch and shoot bad guys.

The chemistry between these two is great. There’s a funny scene early on in the movie when they’re both in the living room watching TV and their back and forth conversation is perfect. It’s almost like it was improvised. So well written. It’s like I was watching a real-life couple and not a movie couple. That was so good to see. Made me feel good.

The movie felt long to me, though, even though it was very short. The story-line is very thin. Hard to stretch it out well enough.When the end credits started I looked at my watch and it was only 75 minutes since the start of the movie. I think this story would have worked well in a 20-25 minute short film. That’s my first negative thought on this movie. The second one is that I wasn’t that emotionally invested in the movie. It’s not due to the acting, the acting is great and as realistic as can be, but, probably because I have seen this kind of cancer diagnosis story so many times and seen it done better.

I’m going to give this movie 7/10*

You don’t necessarily have to see this movie in theatres. This is more of a mid-week TV movie. Something to watch when you have nothing to do at 21:00 but don’t want to go to sleep yet. That’s the perfect place to watch this movie 😃