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Like Crazy

Published by admin on Tue, 2011-11-15 09:37
Release Date: 
Saturday, January 22, 2011
Anton Yelchin
Felicity Jones
Jennifer Lawrence

I was able to catch a free screening of this movie last night despite the fact that it has been out for several months (first released earlier this year at Sundance). I had been hoping to see this film for the past several weeks but was unable to find it at the local theater so was pretty excited when I got invited to the screening. Unfortunately, I went in with my expectations too high. Yelchin and Jones do fine in their performances and are quite believable as they fall in love and then are torn apart by visa and immigration problems. I had a couple of issues with their relationship though.

First off, the audience is not given enough time to really connect with the characters. Withing 5 minutes of the start, the two are already falling in love and spending loads of time together. I didn't feel happy or sad for them though, rather I was left wondering whether they should be together or not. As things progressed between the two, some of the issues became immediately apparent that they were going to face. Having had to go through the immigration process in my own life, I was cursing as they decided that Anna should stay in the United States in spite of her expiring visa.

From there, things kind of went all over the place. I thought the two were in love at first but then by the end I was pretty sure they weren't.

My Conclusion: 

Pick this movie up for a date night with the one that you love. Don't waste your money on it at the theater as you will leave with a feeling of sickness in your stomach.


Romance, Light Comedy