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Red Tails

Published by admin on Fri, 2012-01-13 22:08
Release Date: 
Friday, January 20, 2012
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Terrence Howard

Just caught an early viewing of this film and I was ready to walk out after just 5 minutes. If I had paid for this film I would have demanded my money back. The story of the Red Tails from WWII is quite inspiring itself, but unfortunately, this film is far from doing anything to inspire us.

The film starts out with an awesome action scene with several fighter planes from the American and German armies shooting each other down. Unfortunately, the entire scene is covered in this horrific block red text that hints at what is to come - I actually had the thought that this was going to be a B movie. The text was absolutely a terrible selection to place over the scene but on the bright side there was less viewing of the CGI crapfest that went on throughout the film.

That's right, even when the action isn't going on in the air the editing and CGI looks terrible. It was pretty obvious that a lot of the scenes that were in Italy were shot on some type of green screen and the backgrounds were placed in later. It looked horrific.

Unfortunately, this all takes away from the story that is actually quite good. I wish that the effects and CGI didn't take away from some of the history that affects all of us on a day to day basis.

My Conclusion: 
Everything looks and feels fake. Skip this movie in the theater and catch it on tv at some later point.


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