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The Dark Knight Rises

Published by admin on Sat, 2012-07-21 20:58
Release Date: 
Friday, July 20, 2012
Christian Bale
Anne Hathaway
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Tom Hardy

This is an epic conclusion to an epic trilogy. I put this trilogy as one of the best of all time (still doesn't beat out LOTR, which is the best in my opinion). Considering all of the hype and expectations that have led up to this film, Nolan delivers a film that will give most fans something to enjoy for years to come, and something for the next director to have to work extremely hard to match.

The film starts with an unrelenting action scene, and while we don't exactly know what is going on, things are high intensity and look beautiful. We quickly are introduced to Bane, the primary "bad guy" in this film and the one who Batman must fight to save his city. The story takes place 8 years after The Dark Knight, which is probably good since it allows Nolan to steer clear of mentioning the Joker without any questions about what really happened to him. We find Bruce Wayne in a state of slothfulness and hiding in his mansion, hiding from everyone. Not a problem though as Gotham is in the best state it's ever been in (at least during the course of the films). However, things change quickly, and Wayne must find himself if he is to put the batsuit back on and take on the coming evil.

I'll start out by saying that the film is a beefy 2 hours 50 minutes, and the beginning of the film does feel kind of slow at a few points, but I wasn't complaining. I thought it all flowed well and was required to setup the second half of the movie. Really, the film could have been 20 minutes longer and we could have enjoyed it just as much. This film is an intense study of the Batman character and is more like Batman Begins than The Dark Knight. Bane isn't the same type of villain as the Joker, and that is a good thing. I've read a lot of people that have questions about random things in this movie which I feel are non-issues. This is a movie, that while it has plot holes as any movie, is true to the feel of the trilogy. I'd highly recommend rewatching the first two films in the trilogy before watching this or else you might be a bit confused.

I felt the most outstanding performance was given by Anne Hathaway who stole basically every scene that she was in. I actually wasn't excited for her as Catwoman, but thought that from the very beginning she nailed the role and I found myself hoping that she would be in every scene. The other performances are good, but none that caught my eye like Hathaway. Tom Hardy as Bane was good, but with his mask always on, I feel like a large number of actors could have played the role. All of the main characters return and are on par with their performances from the previous two films.

Special effects, sound editing, cinematography, so on and so forth are just some of awards I think this film will be nominated for.

My Conclusion: 

Epic conclusion. See this in the IMAX.