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War Horse

Published by admin on Mon, 2011-12-26 17:22
Release Date: 
Sunday, December 25, 2011
Jeremy Irvine

Young Albert trains up a horse that isn't expected to be much by most of the men in town after his father purchases the horse. The horse exceeds everyone's expectations except the boy's, who believes in him from the beginning and continues to throughout.

Overall I was disappointed with this film. Maybe I was expecting too much but I found myself walking out out of the theater feeling that the film was trying too much to pull on emotions and overall things felt incomplete. Yes, the story was touching and the Joey's commitment (the horse) to those around him was impressive of course. Even the story itself was quite good, but there were a lot of shortcomings.

First off, the score totally didn't fit the film. I felt myself wondering why certain strings were being hit. I felt it totally took away from the flow of the film and was constantly cursing at it. Secondly, the lighting was horrific. I realize that they were trying to make this feel like some type of old fashioned film, but I couldn't look at it. It hurt the eyes...It made the cottage look fake, and even more so, made me focus more on the lighting than on the actually story. Finally, the story felt disconnected at times. Two and a half hours was way too short a time for the film, but if it had gone on much longer I might have fallen asleep.

Nonetheless, check this film out when it comes out to video...just don't waste your money in the theater.

My Conclusion: 
Wait for this film to come to video. Disappointing, maybe because I was expecting too much.


Drama, History