The Call of the Wild (2020) Movie Review

The Call of the Wild (2020) Movie Review - Quick Movie Reviews by Haris

A very satisfying family adventure that all generations will enjoy. The movie follows a CGI dog named Buck throughout the whole movie, yeah, he’s in this a lot.

The movie has a very slow start, but, I didn’t mind it that much, it was great. You get to see three different masters before he eventually gets adopted by Harrison Ford’s alcoholic character John.

That took too long. Judging by the trailers, I thought 80% of the movie would be focused on them but as it turns out, all those trailer shots with them together are in the last 30 minutes of the movie. It takes an hour for them to team up. That’s why the movie dragged for me.

Now let’s talk about his last master before Harrison Ford saved him… Oh, boy, if you’re a major dog lover, you will hate this guy. Angry and violent towards animals and other people. Pretty intense villian for a kids movie.

But other than the slow start to the movie and a truly terrible human being of a villian, this movie is beautiful to look at. The nature shots are amazing. I kind of want to go camping in the woods now.

The movie currently has a 7.5/10* on IMDB. A pretty realistic grade, so, I’m gonna give it the same grade.

Go see this with your kids in theatres. So many wide-angle, drone-view shots of nature that needs to be seen on the biggest screen possible.