The Grudge (2020) Movie rewiev

The Grudge 2019 - Movie Review - Quick Movie Reviews by Haris

As always, the first movie that comes out in the beginning of every new year is either a horror movie or a really bad movie. This movie is a combination of both of those things. It’s about a house that’s haunted by a vengeful spirit which dooms anyone who enters it a violent death.

This movie tries too hard to be serious and to tell its story through many confusing time jumps and flashbacks and links all its characters with this one house. This should have just been a straight forward horror movie. I found this movie very boring and predictable and most importantly of all, not scary. There is an absurd amount of jump scares from beginning to end. Most of the good jump scares were already shown in the trailer, so, even those didn’t surprise me. My advice: avoid horror movie trailers if you want to be surprised by some of the jump scares. The thing that makes this movie at least a little bit watchable are the performances.

Rating: 4/10*