The Living Daylights (1987) Movie Review

The living daylights (1987) Movie Review - Quick Movie Reviews by Haris

This time James Bond is played by Timothy Dalton. Is there anything to recommend about this movie? There is, a lot, actually. Timothy Dalton’s James Bond shows a serious side that’s been missing in these movies since the early Sean Connery movies. If you’re looking for a bit for fun in your movie, this would be the one movie to skip, but if you want to see a good late 80’s – early 90’s typical action movie, this is the one for you. This movie came out in the best period for action movies in my opinion. Terminator, Rambo, Die Hard, Predator, Robocop, Lethal weapon, Speed, Mission Impossible… I could go on. This movie for sure has that feel to it. This is by no means as good as those movies, but, still stands on its own very well. The action in this movie is far more thrilling and brutal than in other James Bond movies before it.

This is the first attempt to make James Bond dark and gritty and much more serious and the lack of humor shows it. Yes, it has funny moments, but not as much, but since this is a much more serious movie, it has just enough to keep you satisfied. In this movie James Bond is sent to investigate a KGB policy to kill all non-Russian spies and discovers a weapons deal in Afganistan that potentially has huge global consequences.

I’m giving this movie a 7,5/10*

Also, fun fact, Gimli from Lord of the rings is in this movie. Initially I thought he was the villain of this movie, but then, plot twist. He’s not in the movie that much, he doesn’t really have anything to do. Speaking of the Lord of the rings… When I finish with these James Bond reviews, this is going to be the next franchise that I’ll be covering, so, stick around for that.