Thunderball (1965) Movie Review

Thunderball (1965) Movie Review - Quick Movie Reviews by Haris

A second James Bond movie in a row with an interesting story and villian. Now, yeah, the plot/mission is recovering the stolen nuclear weapons which has been seen many many many times before in various movies, but, since it’s one of the first movies of its kind, I’m not going to fault it for that. The fight scenes are again very entertaining. Sean Connery is a badass and the Bond girls are again a feast for the eyes. The only real issue I have with this movie is that it’s a little longer than the other ones and I found it pretty boring towards the middle of the movie, but, there’s a 15-minute underwater fight scene in the last act of this movie that I just could take my eyes off of. Worth the wait.

I’m gonna give this movie 8/10*

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