Tomorrow never dies (1997) Movie Review

Tomorrow never dies (1997) Movie Review - Quick Movie Reviews by Haris

In this movie James Bond tries to stop a media mogul’s plan to start a war between China and the U.K in order to gain exclusive global media coverage… Between this movie and the last one, these plots seem very realistic and very modern and that’s what makes these first two Pierce Brosnan movies actually pretty good.

This is in my opinion another underappreciated James Bond movie. This movie has a whole lot more humor than the last one while also having even more action than the last one. The action scenes in this movie are less brutal and less dangerous but they are damn entertaining 😀


Look forward to tomorrow’s double Pierce Brosnan review for The world is not enough (1999) and Die another day (2002)! And then we move on to the good ones… The Daniel Craig movies! Can’t wait for those ones! 🙂